Distant Thunder

2015/07/03 // 4 Comments

Do I want to watch the fireworks? You know, it would have been our 50 year anniversary today, your Grandma and me — God rest her soul. We met [Read more...]


2015/06/05 // 10 Comments

“Nuts?” I was confused and obviously looked it. “You ordered the Junkyard Special. That comes with gears, sprockets, springs, [Read more...]

The Paper Lie

2015/05/26 // 2 Comments

I like to call it the Paper Lie. It’s website sports the title, “Be a publisher.” But this is publishing in the feeblest sense of [Read more...]


2015/05/22 // 8 Comments

Assistant District Attorney Dan Nash shook his head. “I’m sorry,” he said, “but the evidence is all circumstantial. Even if [Read more...]
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