Schulz meets Poe

I considered “Done to Death” as a title for this. Once I got the idea in my head though, I just had to write it out. It was fun….

Once upon All Hallows’ Eve, while I wandered — Oh, good grief,
Over many a neighbor’s yard till my feet are sore,
While my youthful strength was sapping, I again went tapping,
Snoopy dancing, I was rapping, rapping at the neighbor’s door,
“Trick or Treat,” I uttered, tapping at the neighbor’s door,
“Trick or Treat,” and nothing more.

Ah, crisply I recall it was in the autumn — fall,
October, now nearly all gone and sister Sally,
Eagerly she adds the tally, while I vainly dilly dally,
She bids me now to rally, rally to the next front door,
Where the demons, devils, wait in store,
“Trick or Treat,” we call once more.

And the demon’s eyes are seeking, through venetian blinds are peeking,
Hold me — Sold me a bill of goods I never bought before,
So that now I never wasted, sweets galore I never tasted,
‘Tis Charlie Brown Trick-or-Treating at your door,
Some block head Trick-or-Treating at your door,
I got a rock, and nothing more.

Then my patience grew much shorter, (Half hiding though behind Schroeder),
Got my costume back in order, And I marched back to the door,
“Sir,” I said, “I was hoping, that without your windows soaping,
Or TP strewn across your yard, One piece of candy. Is that so hard?”
A grin spread across his jaw, In the feeble light I heard and saw,
“Wah wah wah wah wah waaahhhh….”

Past the pumpkin patch we hurry, as our shadows flit and scurry,
There stands Linus and I worry, for he waits there all alone,
Waiting on some fabled gourd, standing there without a word,
No, not a word, not a sound, silently he stands his ground,
Till at last the squash arrives, from the field we see it rise,
Growing to an awesome size, joyfully, Linus cries,
“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”

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  1. I applaud this mash-up story, glad that it was fun not gory!

    Well done!

    I had an idea for something really scary for today, but this felt like the right way to go. Glad you liked it. ~Tim

  2. I love the sing-song quality that fades as things get “scary” but returns in the end with the great “revelation” available to the eyes of a believing child.

    I think we have to give Poe credit for that. ~Tim

  3. Charlie Brown FINALLY gets to see the giant Pumpkin, hurraaaaaah!

    I really enjoyed this (and it was a great trip down memory lane too, I haven’t read Peanuts for *years*)

    Nicely done !

    Peanuts and Poe take me back to high school. [That seems a lot weirder on the page than it did in my head.] ~Tim

  4. Oh this is too adorable. I got a rock and nothing more! Clever!

    I might brave Nanowrimo this year–you still not feeling up to it?


    I have one more day to decide about NaNoWriMo! The time commitment is holding me back the most right now. ~Tim

  5. I’m with mazzz. Charlie Brown finally sees the Great Pumpkin! Mash-up rhyme, nicely done. 🙂

    I nearly left that part out and made it just about getting a bag of rocks. But I’m really glad I left it in. ~Tim

  6. Yes, but you get credit for channelling-and the “child’s believing eyes” in the sense I mean is more Schultz. So-you channelled both well–no dissociative identity disorder. 😉

    Okay, channeling I can take credit for. Thanks! ~Tim

  7. “Wah wah wah wah wah waaahhhh”.. Awesome! You know I was expecting some Charlie Brown cartoons this weekend, but nothing so far just 5 episodes of Halloween (and 4 more to go).

    I saw the first Halloween movie and thought it was silly. I think I saw the second one and have had no interest in any of the others. If Charlie Brown was on this weekend I missed him too. ~Tim

  8. Fun! I have to agree with Aymiee-the TV Halloween fare was disappointing this year. No Great Pumpkin, no original Halloween–just the 2007 remake, which isn’t nearly as good because John Carpenter’s original should never have been tampered with.

    Love your poem. Great fun!

    We can probably count on one hand the number of remakes that should have been made and still have fingers left over. Thanks! ~Tim

  9. This is great! Loved the humor. I’ll read it to EAP himself this week when I pop by his tombstone (I work 3 blocks away). So original. Peace, Linda

    And awe, come on… nano is just… words!

    If he spins in his grave, please lie to me and tell me he likes it. Okay? And nano is just… 50,000 words! But more importantly, I want to work toward getting something published and I don’t see nano getting me closer to that goal. Thanks for the vote of confidence though! ~Tim

  10. Hurrah! Huzzah, even.

    As a fan of both Eddie & Chuck, I heartily approve. Now I want to re-draw the strip with Poe characters…

    Redrawing the strip is a great idea! ~Tim

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