FFF: Under the Apple Tree

Ginger sat in the dappled light under the apple tree in her front yard. Summer sun had freckled her nose and lightened her hair which was, as usual, pulled into a pony tail. Her gingham dress hung loosely and hinted at curves blossoming beneath. She held a book of poetry but was staring at the clouds. That one’s a bunny. That one’s a galloping stallion. She hummed quietly to herself.

Fred was out for a walk — aimlessly, he would have said, but his feet always found their way to Ginger’s street. Feigning disinterest, he intended to walk right past.

“Hi,” said Ginger. And Fred’s heart skipped a beat. He would always recall that instant as when his life changed forever.

[Note: Learn more about Fred and Ginger here. ~Tim 6 Dec 2009]

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  1. This could just as easily be a complete piece as a prologue for a longer one.

    I like the idea of his feet leading the way, under the radar from his brain!

    Thanks! It’s funny where our feet take us when we think we’re not thinking about where to go. ~Tim

  2. But did it change for good or bad ?

    I prefer to think it was for the good, but we don’t know about Frost’s road less-traveled either [not that I think I’m on his level]. ~Tim

  3. I can be so very Fred sometimes…


    OK. Look, that cloud is just like castle! ~Tim

  4. I prefer to think of it as when his life changed for the better. 🙂 This had a sweet summer day feeling to it.

    Thanks! I prefer to think that it changed for the better too, but I like the ambiguity. ~Tim

  5. Nice little slice. This could be an introduction; many possibilities. Aimless is never really aimless, Fred’s feet know where to go.

    Thanks! This might be considered more of a scene than a story. I like leaving questions in the air on this one though. ~Tim

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