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Lost in Space

2009/12/31 Tim 12

Fred — that was the persona he had adopted on earth — floated in microgravity at the controls of his ship far above the blue […]

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Less is More

2009/12/30 Tim 2

Less is more when, like love, it is limitless boundless countless shapeless formless harmless breathless nameless shameless

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Hot, Hot, Hot

2009/12/29 Tim 0

There is an interesting little slideshow on the Scientific American website with a few examples of products marketed in the early 20th century that contained […]

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Whose Kid?

2009/12/23 Tim 1

Recent events [with which I will not bore you now] have severely restricted my access to the interwebs. Please enjoy this little musical interlude until […]

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2009/12/15 Tim 2

You reach, this time… it’s three Touch the key, that’s touching me The key, the type, the touch, the tone We are sitting all alone […]

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By the Frozen Foods

2009/12/13 Tim 1

I saw a ghost today in the grocery store by the frozen foods — that figures… cold as ice — you stood there staring at […]

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Fred Writes Erotica

2009/12/10 Tim 13

“Miranda’s breath caught in her throat. The stranger’s eyes blazed. With one hand he held her wrist. With the other he tugged at her skirt […]

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RRR: The Lights are On

2009/12/08 Tim 2

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This is an update of a post from 16 July 2005 I’ve always loved light bulb jokes. You know, “How many _____ […]

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A Walk in the Park

2009/12/07 Tim 1

With my nose toward my toes I walk in the park after dark To exorcise my demons Until they run out of me out of […]