Fred Writes Erotica

“Miranda’s breath caught in her throat. The stranger’s eyes blazed. With one hand he held her wrist. With the other he tugged at her skirt and ran roughly along her –” Sigh.

Ginger closed the manuscript and tossed it on the reject pile.

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[Note: Learn more about Fred and Ginger here. ~Tim]


  1. 🙂


    I like the Fred and Ginger concept. I hate coming up with names when I’m writing. I’m always expecting an angry email from someone demanding to know why I’m writing about THEM.

    Thanks! Now I hope I don’t get angry emails from the estates of Astaire and Rogers! ~Tim

  2. Ooh, Ginger stopped at the good part!

    Back to the writing board for her…

    We have to assume that what lead up to this point convinced Ginger that the “good part” wasn’t going to be that great. ~Tim

  3. Erotica deserves complex syntax and complete, er, digital wandering.

    You can say that again! ~Tim

  4. Good for Ginger. Strangers running roughshod over someone is never a good storyline….

    [I wrote an alternate story in my head though…hey….where’s that music coming from?]

    I liked the [pardon my expression] wham bam thank you ma’am approach to your flash today.
    Karen :0)

    Thanks! I’d love to hear your version sometime. ~Tim

  5. and there was I scrolling down for the erotica and all I found was mazzz from leeds and Laura Eno!

    Poor Fred.

    Oh, sorry to disappoint. I bet if Mazzz and Laura wrote erotica it would be AWESOME! ~Tim

  6. Fantastic! Oh man. The only #firdayflash this week to make me laugh out loud. Thank you for it. Can’t say how many stories I’ve dropped after just that long, and I’m not even a slush reader. Love it!

    Thanks! That’s high praise! And thanks for the twitting. ~Tim

  7. Good for Ginger! If you’d gone on longer I would have dropped it, too. Seriously, though, in that one sentence, you can clearly feel the reader’s frustration. Well done. ~ Olivia

    Thanks! I lost count of how many revisions I tried to get that part just bad enough. ~Tim

  8. Karen and Olivia stole my line! “Good for Ginger.” I guess that says just about all. I also laughed out loud. Short, sweet, to the point.

    Thanks! Glad I could make you laugh. ~Tim

  9. Loved the Sigh at the end of the first line. Great job with the superflash fiction!


    Thanks! And if you thay it with a lithp…. [smirk] ~Tim

  10. ahh..I’ve been so out of touch.. I needed that link to read up on Ginger and Fred! Have you considered a graphical interface to Fred or Ginger?

    I hadn’t thought graphic, but you gave me an idea for next week! ~Tim

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