1. That’s so sad, Tim. Well-written but sad. How ’bout tomorrow you write about a nice little alien delicacy that Karen and I whip up for you in your kitchen…

    Thanks, Laura. I have a cheerful poem to balance this one. It will be up in a couple days. [ I see “whip” and “alien” and I’m a little afraid you plan to beat me.] ~Tim

  2. Very emotional poem. I like the rhythm & rhyme.

    But I wouldn’t try any delicacy that Karen and Laura are whipping up.
    Thanks, Anne. See my note to Laura. What should I do if they offer me chocolate cake? ~Tim

  3. I’m in on that Laura. Something with a nice white sauce I think to go with the purple tentacles.

    Lovely piece Tim. Sorry you were sad, even for a moment.

    Thanks, Karen. Purple tentacles? Are you sure about that? ~Tim

  4. the trees and the sky are more constant and beautiful anyway.

    Thanks, Lime. The trees are my friends. ~Tim

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