Flash in the Pan

While on my blogging hiatus I put together a little e-book of food-related flash fiction. Flash in the Pan is now available on Smashwords. I did this as a learning experience. Page layout is always a challenge and formatting for an e-book has its own rules. [Smashwords provides a thorough style guide, but still….]

I don’t currently own a dedicated e-reader, but I have an i-Pod Touch with the Kindle and Stanza reader apps. The small screen is much easier to read than I expected, but I’ve only read short works on it. I don’t think I would enjoy a novel reduced to bite-sized pieces. I’m wondering how many of you have an e-reader and which one you have? What do you like most about it? What features are lacking? Anyone have an i-Pad? How many of you read on another portable device like I do?

Feel free to download a copy of Flash in the Pan, because that’s the price: free. There’s a PDF version for those without an e-reader. And I will be very grateful on any feedback you can give me.

Flash in the Pan cover
Flash in the Pan cover

Cover photo by Jurvetson (flickr)




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  1. Tim, fun book – congrats on geting it out! Snorted out loud at “This is what the kids are calling it.” Good stuff.

    I have a kindle, the DX version. I quite like it. There are a lot of books I want to buy, but the hardcover are prohibitively expensive, but the kindle versions all < $9.99. The only problem? I can't take it into the bathtub.

    I'll download yours into kindle next time I read on it (son has monopolized it). Peace…

    Thanks, Linda. I wonder if they’re working on a Water-resistant Kindle? Seems like there would be a bath/beach market for it. ~Tim

  2. Congrats on getting an ebook out there! Woot!

    I own a Kindle (the original one) and I love it! It’s the size of a paperback, weighs about the same, I can read it one-handed, outside because there’s no glare, I can have hundreds of novels in one piece, ebooks are cheaper, no broken spines or lost pages…

    Can you tell I love my Kindle? 🙂

    Thanks, Laura. I suspected that you love your Kindle. Now you’ve confirmed it. ~Tim

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