An Experiment… So This is Like Science!

A couple months ago I put several of my Friday Flash stories together and published them on Smashwords as a free e-Chap called Flash in the Pan. From there, it has been offered through Barnes & Noble and Kobo [with more in the works]. I recently uploaded it to Scribd as well.

I’ve been doing this so I can learn first-hand about self-publishing and promoting. So far, the promoting has been limited to posts here on my blog and a couple mentions on my Facebook and Twitter streams. That has garnered it a few hundred reads and downloads.

Now I have a promotional video and I’ve given Flash in the Pan its very own page here at otoh. I’m also putting together a contest, which I’ll be announcing soon [tease].

So, if you’ve read Flash in the Pan, does this video represent it adequately? If you haven’t read it, does this video pique your interest? [Hey, the links are all here. And if you don’t have an e-reader you can email tvansant (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll send you a PDF version.] P.S. –Note added @ 19:40: If you think the video sucks, looks totally amateurish, was a waste of time, etc. please put that in the comments too. I’m looking for honest feedback.

Images and sounds in the promotional video are copyright of their respective owners [linked below] and are used under Creative Commons License


  1. Hey Tim-that was cool. I watched it twice. Here are my thoughts…would like the audience track to match up with the pictures differently. I think some more audience reaction sounds would add variety -since your writing has a lot of variety and provokes many reactions. Love the music at the end, love the cracking fire all the way through. More images maybe too-more “flashes”.
    Anyway-great job and what an inventive idea!

    Thanks, Francis. The fire was my favorite part; I’m glad that worked for you. I was torn between more images and more reactions. Looks like the compromise isn’t working too well. I’m leaning toward more images with quick cuts on next version. ~Tim

  2. Quite liked. I wanted to wallow in the images a bit more. I’d either go slower or add more and go quicker, depending upon what effect you are going after. I agree — great music at the end. peace…

    Thanks, Linda. I was aiming for a total time of 30 seconds on this one. I think the next version is going to have more images with quick cuts. Maybe I’ll do a 60-second spot too to provide time for wallowing in a few images. ~Tim

  3. I’m sorry, but I didn’t like it. If I didn’t already know it was for a flash anthology, I wouldn’t have the slightest clue what the trailer was for. The elements seem disparate, and I thought at first that the crackling fire was background noise.

    The actual (I’m assuming book cover) image was cool. Perhaps if there’s some narration to go with the images, it would be more clear what the book is about…

    Good luck!

    Thanks, Ganymeder. Don’t be sorry — I asked for honest feedback. I noticed the same thing about needing more explanation. I’m adding text to the next version. I haven’t decided about narration yet, but it may be necessary for the short time frame. I still like the fire, but I know what it’s supposed to be. I’ll try a version with a different background track. ~Tim

  4. Maybe it’s the horror writer in me, but the laugh track seems out of place for the cover image. I liked the fire crackling, again because it goes with the cover. More photos would be better. I commend you…I haven’t even tried to put one together!

    Thanks, Laura. I put in the laughter because there is humor in the collection too. I agree though that it feels out of place without explanation. ~Tim

  5. Yes, I also liked the crackling fire. Like Laura, I found the laugh track a little disconcerting.

    More images please.

    Congratulate you on learning new ways to market your work.

    Thanks, Marisa. I love learning new things. Al this feedback is very helpful. ~Tim

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