An Experiment… So This is Like Science!

A couple months ago I put several of my Friday Flash stories together and published them on Smashwords as a free e-Chap called Flash in the Pan. From there, it has been offered through Barnes & Noble and Kobo [with more in the works]. I recently uploaded it to Scribd as well.

I’ve been doing this so I can learn first-hand about self-publishing and promoting. So far, the promoting has been limited to posts here on my blog and a couple mentions on my Facebook and Twitter streams. That has garnered it a few hundred reads and downloads.

Now I have a promotional video and I’ve given Flash in the Pan its very own page here at otoh. I’m also putting together a contest, which I’ll be announcing soon [tease].

So, if you’ve read Flash in the Pan, does this video represent it adequately? If you haven’t read it, does this video pique your interest? [Hey, the links are all here. And if you don’t have an e-reader you can email tvansant (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll send you a PDF version.] P.S. –Note added @ 19:40: If you think the video sucks, looks totally amateurish, was a waste of time, etc. please put that in the comments too. I’m looking for honest feedback.

Images and sounds in the promotional video are copyright of their respective owners [linked below] and are used under Creative Commons License

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