eye contact

Her eyes met mine with such a force
I had to look away, of course
Those glorious globes set me reeling
with a slightly queasy feeling
Quickly though, I recomposed
and focused on what I supposed
Was a safer point of view
as I wondered what to do
I knew our vision would not meet
While I focused on her feet

Slowly then I dared to raise
my timidly admiring gaze
I chanced a bit to lightly linger
and explore her graceful fingers
Till a horrid thought gave me a fit
“She thinks I’m ogling her tits!”
And so faceward, I glanced again
as she flashed the brightest grin
Then I dared to glimpse once more
Cerulean orbs that I adore


  1. The age-old dilemma of where to look… 🙂

    Exactly. And for shy people like me, it will always be a dilemma. Thanks, Laura. ~Tim

  2. Well he was still staring at a pair of something on her. Slightly more dignified in the source of his embarrassment?

    Of course, shy people will get embarrassed even if there is no reason. Thanks, John.

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