Afraid of Nothing

I am afraid of nothing.

I volunteered for this voyage in the hopes of reaching “the promised land” — a new world, a new, unexplored planet, a new start.

We all volunteered and I’m sure we all had similar hopes and dreams.

While we couldn’t possibly know for sure what we would find out here, there were certain… expectations. But something seems to have gone horribly wrong. We don’t know yet whether it was a fault in the programming, some unknown variable that altered our trajectory, or simply a misinterpretation of the data used to select our destination. Not that it matters.

We have awoken from our “sleep” in the depths of a great void. We have no bearings on where we ended up, but there is no planet here — hell, there is no solar system here. There’s nothing here.

I am afraid of nothing.



    • Thanks, Marc. They probably did, but with nothing but the ship to terraform I doubt it will do them any good.


    • Thanks, Larry. I just found a copy of that story online and read it. I was unfamiliar with it, but I can’t imagine I would ever not be thrilled to have something I wrote compared to Asimov.


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