I was confused and obviously looked it.

“You ordered the Junkyard Special. That comes with gears, sprockets, springs, bolts, and nuts. Not everyone likes nuts on their pizza, so we always ask to make sure that’s what you really want.”

I didn’t answer right away, so he repeated, “Nuts?”

“Um, sure. And can I get extra sprockets?”

“Well, we’re not supposed to put extra stuff on any of the specials. Then you’re getting into the build-your-own menu and those are priced differently.”


“Tell you what, I’ll ask the cook. Okay? Not promising anything. Or I can figure out what the price would be for a build-you-own.”

“No, keep it a special, but if you can ask the cook to slip on some extra sprockets that would be great.”

“Sure. Anything else?”

“To drink… what do you have on tap?”

“We have a nice 10-W-40.”

“Yeah, I’ll take a quart of that.”


About the photo: This guy stands outside the Mellow Mushroom restaurant in St. Matthews. I shot this when I was taking the photos I used for my National Poetry Month posts. This is a chain restaurant though, so the image is not as “home-centric” as the theme I developed for those posts. Let’s just say he spoke to me, so I saved him for a FridayFlash.


  1. Not sure if you play video games at all, but I am reminded of an off hand remark from Borderlands 2. The mechanic is talking about one of the crazies and mentions that he ate one of his cars once. “Ya, the whole car.”

    • Thanks, Jon. I’ve never been much of a computer gamer — more into board games — but that’s a very funny line.


    • Thanks, Catherine. I think the photo looks a bit like the character in that movie too. I wasn’t conscious of that while I was writing this.


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