The Gift of Laughter

My father had a reputation for creatively wrapping gifts. There was the always classic big box that held a smaller box that held a smaller box that held a smaller box… till you finally got down to a tiny box that held the gift. A couple other notable examples were a pair of jeans rolled up and stuffed into a coffee can and a tiki torch in a mailing tube decorated like a barber pole.

One year he requested cash on his Christmas wish list and his oldest grand-daughter drew his name for the gift exchange. We had a $25 limit on exchange gifts so she went to the bank and got a $25 brick of pennies. The bank teller enjoyed hearing about why she needed so many pennies. We all got a good laugh when Dad opened his gift. (Do you have any idea how heavy 2500 pennies is?) We got another laugh when he got the same teller at the bank when he went to cash them in.

This picture was taken at the funeral home. These are his nine grandchildren, who served as pallbearers, holding another brick of pennies. The pennies might have ended up in his casket. And the next person who puts cash on their Christmas list might get a shovel…



  1. LOL I bet your Dad had a surprise that Christmas, love the photo and that there was a penn brick too! ^_^ A great way to remember him Tim.

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