Prayer at 11:11

2016/04/06 Tim 0

Thankful for how blessed I’ve been All my family members too and then It’s off to bed I’m late again Perhaps I need to start […]


2016/04/05 Tim 0

The shiny bits hold the digital bits which hold the data bits the important bits the colorful and musical and whimsical the textical bits The […]

The Cheese Not Eaten

2016/04/04 Tim 0

The fork in the road in a yellow cheese And sorry I could not eat the whole Yet still into my clothes might squeeze And […]

Stepping Up

2016/04/03 Tim 0

Climb a step every day but realize one never knows who or what may cross your path

Cheating Time

2016/04/02 Tim 0

The church tower sits right on the line between two time zones Come early come late all are welcome any time


2016/04/01 Tim 0

the tree uprooted is not free to wander but neither are the rooted