Lucky 13

When you blog into the abyss….

I started this blog 13 years ago — that’s like, what, decades in blogger years? — as a playground for my head. It wasn’t my first online presence, but it was the first time I really made an effort to connect with a community online. I was living and teaching in central Florida. We were in the midst of weathering three major hurricanes. I was lucky, losing power for several days but otherwise pretty much unscathed. Many friends and coworkers were not so lucky.

Today central Florida is facing another major hurricane. I’m back in my home town, working part time, and this space has been languishing. I’ve weathered a few crises and probably made some unwise decisions. (Sorry for the vagueness. I hate that in posts, but there are stories I can’t yet tell.) I doubt anyone is still following here, so this is similar to my first posts in that I’m really only doing this for me. Taking a few tentative steps into a great unknown. I don’t have any definite plans for my writing (or this space) at the moment. I didn’t have great plans 13 years ago either, but some of what I learned and the people I met were (are) pretty great.

I think I hear an echo.