R.I.P. Tiny

2016/11/11 Tim 1

The residents of Rose Dhu (an outlying neighborhood of Savannah, Georgia) are mourning the passing of the last surviving member of a small family of […]

RRR: Silent Consent

2016/07/01 Tim 1

Robert expected stony silence. “Sir, I should have come to you sooner. I’m in love with your daughter. I’ve come to ask you for her […]

The Gift of Laughter

2015/08/07 Tim 8

My father had a reputation for creatively wrapping gifts. There was the always classic big box that held a smaller box that held a smaller […]

RRR: Family Values

2015/07/10 Tim 8

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. I’m attending a family reunion this weekend — lots of distractions to keep me from finishing anything new. Please enjoy this little […]

Distant Thunder

2015/07/03 Tim 4

Do I want to watch the fireworks? You know, it would have been our 50 year anniversary today, your Grandma and me — God rest […]

Glad Max, Furry Rogue

2015/06/19 Tim 4

“Sit!” I gave the verbal command with as much authority as I could muster along with a hand signal and then blew a corresponding code […]

Red Sky at Mourning

2015/06/12 Tim 6

The sky was blood-red, tinting the faces of everyone in the crowd. It should have been beautiful. It should have felt warm. But those faces […]


2015/06/05 Tim 10

“Nuts?” I was confused and obviously looked it. “You ordered the Junkyard Special. That comes with gears, sprockets, springs, bolts, and nuts. Not everyone likes […]

Afraid of Nothing

2015/05/29 Tim 12

I am afraid of nothing. I volunteered for this voyage in the hopes of reaching “the promised land” — a new world, a new, unexplored […]