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Schulz meets Poe

2009/10/29 Tim 13

I considered “Done to Death” as a title for this. Once I got the idea in my head though, I just had to write it […]

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FFF: Empassionate

2009/10/23 Tim 14

Fred finished brushing his teeth and grinned goofily in the mirror. Then he splashed cold water on his face and patted it dry with a […]

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Vignette: The Lake Story

2009/10/16 Tim 9

Note: The characters in this story use vulgar language. If you are easily offended, please enjoy something from my archives or come back next week. […]

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Vignette: Not A-Mused

2009/10/08 Tim 9

First, a brief note: A friend recently asked about the random quotes I have up there above my posts. She considered making a comment about […]