Prayer at 11:11

2016/04/06 Tim 0

Thankful for how blessed I’ve been All my family members too and then It’s off to bed I’m late again Perhaps I need to start […]

The Cheese Not Eaten

2016/04/04 Tim 0

The fork in the road in a yellow cheese And sorry I could not eat the whole Yet still into my clothes might squeeze And […]

The Gift of Laughter

2015/08/07 Tim 8

My father had a reputation for creatively wrapping gifts. There was the always classic big box that held a smaller box that held a smaller […]

Glad Max, Furry Rogue

2015/06/19 Tim 4

“Sit!” I gave the verbal command with as much authority as I could muster along with a hand signal and then blew a corresponding code […]


2015/06/05 Tim 10

“Nuts?” I was confused and obviously looked it. “You ordered the Junkyard Special. That comes with gears, sprockets, springs, bolts, and nuts. Not everyone likes […]

The Flavor Red

2015/05/15 Tim 12

“You want me to drink the Koo –” “I want you to taste this cool, refreshing beverage,” he interrupted. “It’s not a… brand name product. […]


2015/04/19 Tim 4

in my flying machine all alone no Josephine, where has she flown? she was here when we took off but mid-air she shook off in […]

Scene at a Wedding

2015/04/16 Tim 15

I hate these things! Well, “hate” is too strong a word. It’s just so… uncomfortable… I mean, all the pressure — the bride and the […]

smoosh taters (haiku)

2015/04/09 Tim 2

You like smoosh taters? try to get a little more inside your mouth, huh? About the photo: One of my nephews, age about a year […]