2015/04/18 // 2 Comments

don’t (tire) tread on me i have fought so hard to be growing here amid the gravel in the spaces rarely traveled people call us weeds and worse [Read more...]


2015/04/15 // 2 Comments

tongues licking but these tongues have a bite all their own spreading tasting? consuming until all that’s left are embers and ashes About the [Read more...]

bee and being

2015/04/14 // 4 Comments

consider the common worker bee toiling in this cherry tree does she ever stop to gaze through the pollinated haze and there beneath the blossoms sit [Read more...]

Hanami (haiku)

2015/04/13 // 5 Comments

blossoms fill the trees like clouds, they shade, yet smell sweet perfect for picnics About the photo: blossoms on a cherry tree in the backyard. [Read more...]


2015/04/11 // 4 Comments

the magic is all gone though some invoke the old words incantations trying to recreate the feeling that was lost About the photo: The Vogue Theater [Read more...]


2015/04/09 // 2 Comments

come out of the forest come off the thoroughfare the fields spread out before us there’s music in the air dance across the glade, the meadow, [Read more...]


2015/04/08 // 2 Comments

we’ve just begun this road we’re on it stretches out further than we can see what wonders might wait amid its twists and turns? unicorns? [Read more...]

snow dog (haiku)

2015/04/08 // 2 Comments

we love you woo woo strong and playful, but gentle with a sweet dog face About the photo: This is an Alaskan Malamute. One of my nieces got him from [Read more...]


2015/04/07 // 2 Comments

some day we will let go and fly or float or fall but with such acrobatic dynamic as to thrill the senses of the children who barely imagine that our [Read more...]
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