2015/04/18 2

don’t (tire) tread on me i have fought so hard to be growing here amid the gravel in the spaces rarely traveled people call us […]

This Art has Legs

2015/04/17 6

fiberglass bodies wild imaginations and hometown love this art has legs and runs all over town standing still About the photo: These are a few […]

Scene at a Wedding

2015/04/16 15

I hate these things! Well, “hate” is too strong a word. It’s just so… uncomfortable… I mean, all the pressure — the bride and the […]


2015/04/15 2

tongues licking but these tongues have a bite all their own spreading tasting? consuming until all that’s left are embers and ashes About the photo: […]

bee and being

2015/04/14 4

consider the common worker bee toiling in this cherry tree does she ever stop to gaze through the pollinated haze and there beneath the blossoms […]

Hanami (haiku)

2015/04/13 5

blossoms fill the trees like clouds, they shade, yet smell sweet perfect for picnics About the photo: blossoms on a cherry tree in the backyard. […]


2015/04/11 4

the magic is all gone though some invoke the old words incantations trying to recreate the feeling that was lost About the photo: The Vogue […]


2015/04/09 2

come out of the forest come off the thoroughfare the fields spread out before us there’s music in the air dance across the glade, the […]

smoosh taters (haiku)

2015/04/09 2

You like smoosh taters? try to get a little more inside your mouth, huh? About the photo: One of my nephews, age about a year […]


2015/04/08 2

we’ve just begun this road we’re on it stretches out further than we can see what wonders might wait amid its twists and turns? unicorns? […]

snow dog (haiku)

2015/04/08 2

we love you woo woo strong and playful, but gentle with a sweet dog face About the photo: This is an Alaskan Malamute. One of […]


2015/04/07 2

some day we will let go and fly or float or fall but with such acrobatic dynamic as to thrill the senses of the children […]

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